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Welcome to the Fireworks Shop

Welcome to the Fireworks Shop located in the Lower Mainland. We carry a wide variety of family fireworks and glow products for sale during Halloween and New Years.

Our policy is to provide a safe, legal and exciting selection of consumer Fireworks. We offer pamphlets on where to find the correct by-law information for your local area.  We also provide pamphlets on safety information regarding the safe firing of family fireworks plus answer any questions about the products that we carry in a polite and professional manner.

The Fireworks Shop is open Halloween at various locations across the lower mainland. Normally we are open 7 – 10 days prior to the holiday and between 10 am till 8 pm. Halloween is our most popular time and we ask that you to come early to avoid line ups.

We strive to give your family and friends a fun, safe and enjoyable fireworks celebration. 

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