Professional Special Effects Services

The Fireworks Shop is here to offer close proximity pyrotechnics and Special Effects for a wide range of live events. We have talented and experienced technicians to provide safe, creative, and innovative special effects for all live entertainment.

Fireworks Shop technicians have been performing close proximity pyrotechnics (indoor fireworks) since 2005. We have designed and executed numerous indoor and outdoor pyrotechnic displays for weddings, corporate shows, concerts and raves as well as many other live events.


Pyrotechnics are close proximity fireworks that are manufactured to a much higher standard than fireworks. Pyrotechnics are tested for quality control more frequently than fireworks and Pyrotechnics can be used safely and legally close to a crowd, indoors or outdoors.

Pyrotechnics come in a wide variety of effects that are shot from the ground up to 350′ in the air, shot from suspended cables in the air and some travel along a wire creating a rocket type effect. The Fireworks Shop has a team of creative designers and technicians to assist with your imagination in creating that stand out event.

Whether your event is indoor or outdoor we have the pyrotechnics available to bring your event to the next level.  


The Fireworks Shop uses the highest quality consumer fireworks to professional grade fireworks providing the best designed show within your budget and site requirements.  These products are the safest in the industry and our technicians have the certification and experience to produce a safe and exciting show for your special event.

Flame Effects

The Fireworks Shop has several different unique flame systems in addition to having flame equipment from industry leading manufacturers.  We have the ability to control, manipulate and make fire dance on cue to music.

We have some spectacular systems and techniques that can add a new level of excitement to any event.


A cryojet is a dense white column of fog that shoots approximately 15′ into the air.

They can be mounted and fired in almost any situation and any direction. Choose either vertically or angled jets onstage, mounted to trussing directed overhead or even over the crowd.  Cryojets are an impactful, safe effect that can be used in any venue.

Confetti and Streamers

Whether you are celebrating the big win or punctuating a special moment at a musical event or wedding you can’t go wrong with confetti and streamers.  We can produce quick blasts of confetti or streamers, or long a duration cloud of confetti.

We carry a wide range of colours in both confetti and streamers and can work with you to customize the right mix for your colour scheme. 

Special Effects

The Fireworks Shop has a wide range of equipment to produce atmospheric effects for all live events including sports, theatre, film and still photography.  We have the ability to simulate almost any weather condition from early morning fog to the most violent of storms.


How about snow any time of year?  

The Fireworks Shop has the snow generating equipment to satisfy all your winterland fantasies.  Indoors or outdoors we can produce various falling snow effects which will bring your snow expectations to reality.


From mist to an overhead waterfall or a hurricane simulation, The Fireworks Shop has the creative know how to bring rain to your project!


If you need a gentle breeze to create a dramatic effect for still photography or gale force winds during a storm scene, The Fireworks Shop has the air moving equipment to generate any level of wind you may require.


Fog effects can vary greatly from a haze for lighting enhancement to a full “white out” or a curtain for an entrance or backdrop.  Low lying fog is a spectacular effect that resembless clouds on the ground.  It can be used to enhance an introduction, create a certain mood or intensify a performance.  Our large selection of fog equipment can meet your needs in any venue.

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